Sunday, April 24, 2011

Reasons to Celebrate

We have a few reason to celebrate. The first, and most wonderful reason to celebrate, is of course Easter. What an amazing triumph the resurrection was. And what wonderful blessings are available because of it. Beth and I had our Easter dinner with some friends (well actually our first one was with family last night), but they introduced us to a new Christ-centered tradition that we'll defintely share with you once we get the materials.

The second reason to celebrate is the success of our trip to Hawaii!

Blake decided to try some raw urchin - mmmmmmmmm.

Rainbow trees - or at least that's what Blake calls em.

While surfing, I scraped my heel across some coral and got my first Urchin sting!

Cody LOVES sand!

Random car remains from a car crash - perhaps from the 20's or so.

I did get up several times. However the waves were more like practice waves. I did catch one real one at a different beach.

So stinkin cute!

This was the little hotel room Blake and Chesley prepared for us. And by hotel room I mean their living room. :)

These flower lays were made personally by Chesley - nice, though mine was pretty much dead by the time we got there.

The next reason to celebrate: We're officially college grads!!

Elder Scott spoke at Beth's ceremony. It was awesome.

Oh yeah!!

Andly lastly, the thing we're currently most stoked to celebrate...... Beth's Prego!!!!!!! We are totally excited and looking forward to the baby with excited anticipation:) Until next time.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Bednobs and harry potter broomsticks...

Here's us hand crafting our own brooms with our friends Debbie and Eric. Brett looks terrified because Eric just named his broom Avada Kadavra!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!!

Good for flying and for sweeping too!

Chesley plays Keeper...

Mandy and David play seeker - WHERE'S THAT DANG SNITCH! (we hid a penny in the grass, mwa ha ha)

The Quidditch crew! Hufflepuff and ... nobody decided the other team.
Lookin good with our sweet homemade brooms.
Jake zooms by on his . . . Christmas tree?

Brett goes in for the kill...

Brett's sixth grade class. They got to dress up for halloween! Somebody needs to spread the word to Georgia.


Rafael and April O'neil!
Where would the Ninja Turtles be without PIZZA?!

HALLOWEEN PARTY!! My friend Shea (my roommate in Ecuador) and her new husband Kurt were otter pops - they win most creative.

As there were a significant amount of Wards in attendance, we HAD to have a dance party :) From the left we have Kurt, Mandy, Shea, Ashley, Mandy's friend, Cynthia and Jake.
This was just before a kind of scary donut eating contest. The guy who one basically scarfed his donut in a single bite.My gremlin pumpkin.
Cutest little pea in a pod.
The Masterpieces. We got together at Chesley's and all made pumpkins together. My gremlin on the left, then Dave's witch (I still think it looks like a Seminole Indian chief), then Jake's monster, Blake's scary minion, Jake's headless frankenstein, and Emily's skull. Brett's is the top right.